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How to Pick an Animal Hospital

As the average number of animals per home rises yearly, new pet hospitals crop up in volumes all over the country. Some of the most critical life decisions are related to health care – and this also goes for the pets we consider family.

Below are tips and issues to consider when searching for a veterinary hospital:

AAHA Accreditation

The best way to start your vet search is by filtering for AAHA accreditation. If they have it, that means the American Animal Hospital Association has performed a thorough third-party analysis of the hospital in various areas, such as emergency services, pharmaceutical supplies, record keeping and the rest. As soon AAHA accreditation has been given, regular evaluations will be required for to maintain status. In the US and Canada, only 12-15 % of all veterinary practices are AAHA Accredited. Always remember this before choosing a vet hospital. You should never comprise on quality of care.

Personal Recommendations and Online Reviews

Once you have scratched off your list those non-AAHA accredited veterinary hospitals, you can begin your research on those locations remaining. And what better place to do it than online. You will surely find a lot of information just sitting in front of a computer screen. Read those reviews! But of course, you can’t beat personal referrals or recommendations from people you actually know and trust, like friends, family members, etc. If you’re new in the area or if you’re a newbie at pet care, you can always count on the local veterans and their valuable insight. They might be able to offer you bird’s eye view a certain facility’s strengths and weaknesses, or recommend certain vets if your pet has special needs.

Making a Decision

Narrow your final list of around two or three probable vets while considering accreditation and referrals you received (or did not receive) along with practical issues such as affordability, location, and so on. Then you can go visit every one of these places to get a vibe of them yourself. They may all have AAHA accreditation and a very good reputation in the community, so when deciding which vet hospital is right for you and your pet, you will have to rely on your gut now. Ask for an appointment with a vet and take your pet with you. It will be a great opportunity – without making a long-term commitment yet – to observe how they get along together or how the vet deals with the animal.

Besides, it’s great to know different vets or be acquainted with different animal hospitals so you have options. At the end of the day, you need to take advantage of all the resources you have and select based on your independent judgment.

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