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Effects Caused by Pilot Shortage

Recently, airlines are experiencing a huge problem in finding enough number of pilots. Many students drop out of aviation schools due to reasons such as having the fear that they will stay jobless after all the years of training and this fear is mainly generated by those who teach them.

Also, the amount of money that the recent pilots are paid is too low according to statistics and this causes them to give up with their jobs. There has been a very minimal industrial growth in the airline industry which imposes a very big threat to the motivation of their workers since many of them are encouraged when they experience growth and therefore due to lack of motivation, the workers end up leaving the job.

People initially were used to the thing that pilots never retire and therefore after airline companies changed their timeline, people are no longer interested in piloting as some find it as a waste of time since it takes quite a long duration to study and secure a job. The number of students in schools pursuing a course concerning piloting is very minimal according to statistics and this becomes a threat to the availability of pilots.

Companies made a great mistake by reducing the number of schedules available for traveling regionally as they greatly contributed to shortage.
The fees to be paid in aviation colleges is usually very high that many individuals are unable to pay despite the fact that they had an interest in being pilots and therefore as a result shortage arises. Travelers have been greatly affected by this shortage being experienced across the world

The amount of fare that is charged after the shortage is higher than the one that was being charged initially and this greatly impacts those who wish to travel using aircraft but they lack that amount of money to pay. Pilot shortage has become a barrier to many people’s travel schedules as some are delayed at the stage and others are even hurt enough by their travels are canceled due to non-availability of pilots. Pilots, and instructors are dependent on each other and this is there’s a shortage in one this also means that the other will experience a shortage.

On the other hand, as pilot shortage has other impacts, it is actually good news to some individuals across the globe. For solutions to be found concerning this problem, a number of factors need to be considered. The imbalance between the demand and the supply for pilots need to be addressed.

The management should ensure that previous challenges experienced by pilots are not the same ones experienced. Sponsorship programs need to be implemented to ensure those enrolled complete their education and this solves the shortage. Training schools should also introduce an initiative on finding out how to reduce their tuition fees to make it at least favorable for their students and even encourage many more to join.

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