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Merits of Consuming Clams

The number of health benefits, which are obtained from consumption of clams, is large. The important thing to learn about clams is that they are mollusks without brains and stay underneath the beachy sand. The consumption of clams is not just for filling, but to obtain nutrients like vitamins, proteins and minerals that will boost the health of the body. It is prudent to know that beef liver and steak offer less amount of iron than the clams. You should be aware that clams are the best because of the low amounts of contaminants they have when compare to other seafood. You will have an assurance that anemia will be avoided and you will obtain the right fats and proteins when you consume the clams. You should be aware that clams are readily available in the market and will be useful in offering the below benefits.

The essential aspect to know is that clams have more iron than beef. The essential aspect to know is that oxygen will be transported in the body when body has iron. It is possible to have oxygen transported in the best way when clams are consumed because of high content of iron that will be available. It is essential to note that clams will help to increase hemoglobin levels, thus the health of a person will be boosted. It is by the clams intake that vitamin C will be available in the body to facilitate the absorption of iron.

A person will improve the immune system of his/her body by consuming clams. The chances of contracting diseases will be lowered when the immune system is strong. It is possible to lower the contraction of diseases when the clams are consumed because of the strengthening of immune system that will result. The presence of vitamin C is your diet is that it immune system will be improved, thus you will be less likely to contract diseases. The reason that will compel a person to consume clams is to obtain good quantity of vitamin C.

You will be able to cut down the amount of cholesterol in the body through consumption of clams. The disadvantage of high amount of cholesterol in the body is that it will cause hypertension. It is for this reason that a person should strive to keep the level of cholesterol in the body at manageable level. The consumption of clams will assist a person to reduce the cholesterol in the body because of the nature of proteins they offer. The advantage of clams is that they have low amounts of saturated fats, thus will reduce cholesterol levels in the body. A person will suffer from high amount of cholesterol levels because of saturated fats of high amounts. The health conditions of cholesterol are brought by saturated fats being of bad levels.

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