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What Makes a Good Book Blurb

It is very important for a book writer to invest in a good book blurb as that might be the deciding factor a for a customer taking out their money to make a purchase. If new to book writing you must be wondering what a blurb is if you have not come across before when learning. You are using a book blurb all the time, it’s the copy at the back of the cover that will tell you a little about the book before you can read it in full. They therefore need to be capture the attention of the reader and spark some interest right away. A good blurb will help you secure publishers and agents too it’s not only limited to customers alone, it’s like casting a wide net. Like you send a resume to a potential employer , authors find agents through sending them blurbs from their book, if the latter finds it interesting then they will represent them.

To achieve the desired impression of the book the author might have to redo the blurb several times until it captures the book in the best way possible. Here are some tips that will help you come up with a winning blurb. You need to keep the blurb short because if it’s very long ‘it will be probably be boring to the reader, one hundred to two hundred and fifty words should do it and incorporate the whole of the book. If your blurb does not have the spice then it will not be tasty , try best to capture the mood, the conflict and the scene. There are many angles that you can construct your blurb from , evaluate your work and determine which is bets to work with.

Creativity in blurb wring can be enhanced through mounting tension, start with calm hints and elevate the tension so that the reader will have to get the book. Every book stands out in its own way , for your book take that and use it to your advantage when it comes to the blurb. If possible make use of question marks in the blurb to create an intriguing effect on the reader. The blurb will serve its purpose better with more action verbs than adjectives and adverbs. Make sure that your blurb is grammatically on point , simple errors of grammar will sell you short. Be ready to write and rewrite the blurb while showing it to different accomplished writers and get their feedback , they could reveal something that could change your blurb. Keep your blog as your work is, if your sugar coat it you will lose out in your career.

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