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How to Get rid of Gynecomastia?

You are here for one reason only and it is the fact that you have gynecomastia and you want to put it to an end. But what actually has caused you to suffer from this condition and like what’s said, how you can overcome it? As you take time to read this article, you will discover the major causes contributing to this condition but before we reach that point, you should know that gynecomastia has two types and it is real and fake (pseudogynecomastia).

The real gynecomastia is a result of hormonal imbalance or in other words, your body is producing more amount of estrogen and lesser testosterone. The other sources of real gynecomastia may include the following:

Number 1. The abuse of steroid may distort your hormonal levels and result to what we called man boobs. When such thing happens, you have to stop using steroid and begin with hormone balancing program, which is one of the common reasons why gynecomastia is experienced.

Number 2. Medical prescriptions and drugs may also alter your levels of testosterone. Say for example that you are on medication and observed that your chest is growing, then it is wise to talk to your doctor as soon as you can and inquire about the drugs and if it could be changed.

Number 3. A body of a teenage body has greater possibility to undergo hormonal imbalance and normally, this is happening on their puberty.

If you are overweight and you got man boobs, then that is considered as fake gynecomastia. The excess fats are deposited into the pectoral region which causes the pecks to look like breasts. In an effort to deal with this successfully, you have to engage yourself in a fat loss training exercise. The good thing is that, there are numerous ways to do this and few are:

Diet – do you eat a lot of red meat or junk foods? If most of your diet is centered on these types of foods, then you should change your diet as soon as possible. Replace those foods with fresh fruits and vegetables and try eating more white meat compared to red meat.

Exercise – basically, cardiovascular exercises work like magic in melting excess fats away. Consider running for 5 minutes and some sprinting as well. If you like, you may consider doing strength exercises too. Keep in mind that your goal is to lose excess weight and perform strength exercises to achieve optimal results.

For men to have gynecomastia, it can put him to embarrassment in a snap of finger but nothing is to be worried about as it can be dealt with naturally.

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